's Personal Information Collection (PIC) Statement

The Shui On Group respects the privacy of users visiting We do not use cookies to record the pages you visit. Nor do we share any personally identifiable information with any third parties, and do not send any unsolicited e-mails. We have tried our best to ensure the secure transmission of data. However, since the Internet is an open medium, please be alert of the risks involved in sending us any sensitive personal information.

Purpose of data collection

We receive names and e-mail addresses only when they are personally submitted by users of the Print Request Form incorporated in the Financial Information section under the Shui On Construction and Materials Limited (SOCAM) category. The information submitted enables to send available copies of SOCAM's financial information in print version to users according to their requirements. It also helps to ascertain our users' profile for future website development.

Contact for data correction or access

If you would like to change or delete any information you have submitted to, please send email to :