Shui On believes that human resources are the most important asset of the Group as well as of the society. It is committed to developing talent, especially young people, for embarking on a fruitful career and a fulfilling life. The Group has made donations to educational institutes such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University and Tongji University in Shanghai for organizing programmes and building new facilities, mainly in the area of business and management. Shui On also sponsors training programmes and expeditions, including the Shanghai Beijing training programme that has been organized for more than 10 years for Mainland construction professionals.

In addition to offering scholarships and internships for students, Shui On has carefully-designed programmes for graduate engineers, management trainees, safety officers and apprentices. The management cadet programme helps identify outstanding and exceptional staff for fast-track development into leadership positions to champion Shui OníŽs strategic business developments and ensure continued growth of the Group.

Graduate Engineer Programme
This four-year programme, a Scheme "A" Training programme registered under the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, aims to nurture graduate engineers to become project management personnel. Tutors are assigned to provide graduate engineers with advice and counsel on a regular basis. Job rotation is included in the programme to give them first-hand experience in various areas of project management. In addition to quarterly gatherings, site visits and internal seminars, external courses will be arranged to enable graduate engineers to meet Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.


Management Trainee Programme
This three-year programme aims at developing high-calibre fresh graduates to become management backbone for the Group's operations in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. The programme includes personal development, management skills training and job rotation. Trainees will also be assigned special projects which will allow them to understand the operation of other departments. Tutors are assigned to provide management trainees advice and counsel on a regular basis.



Health Safety & Environment Trainee Programme
This three-year programme is designed to train fresh graduates to become registered safety officers. On-the-job training takes place both at site and in the head office under the guidance of tutors or supervisors. Formal safety training courses at institutions are fully sponsored while in-house training courses are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of their jobs.

Apprentice Scheme
This four-year programme aims at nurturing graduates from vocational training institutes to become front-line project management personnel. The programme includes carefully planned on-the-job training as well as site visits, gatherings and in-house gatherings and courses. Three- to four-year part-time courses at vocational training institutes are sponsored while tutors are assigned to provide apprentices with advice and counsel.