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The achievements of an organisation are the result of the combined efforts of all the individuals in the organisation working toward common objectives. It is, therefore, very important that everyone in Shui On is committed to these objectives to ensure their accomplishment.

As a business investment, we have to provide attractive financial returns to our shareholders. Profitability is essential since it is the prime measure of our corporate success and the source of our growth and development.

In order to achieve sustained profitability, we must aim at customer loyalty and long-term revenue generation by providing quality products and services at competitive prices.

To provide quality products and services with consistency, we have to ensure that our staff are highly competent, motivated, and well rewarded for their efforts. In addition, we must strive to provide an environment in which our staff can excel and develop under a set of shared beliefs and a firmly established corporate culture.

The long-term success of Shui On is based on the following corporate values:

To achieve sufficient profit to provide an attractive return to our shareholders and to finance our growth.

- Profit is our reward for offering the right kind of products and services.
- Profit is the one absolutely essential measure of our corporate performance over the long term.
- Unless we continue to meet our profit objective, we will not be able to achieve our other corporate objectives.


To provide our clients with quality products and services.

- The customer always comes first -- we shall make the customer's interests our interests and provide service in a spirit of long-term partnership.
- We are committed to earning a preferred position with each of our customers by consistently offering the highest quality and reliability of service.
- Our products must represent the best value for money.
- Our efforts will be directed only at those markets, industries and products in which we can excel.


To provide an environment whereby our people can excel, develop and grow with the company.

- Our people are our most important asset.
- We want to attract, develop and retain people of the highest character and competence.
- We want to do our best to provide training and the opportunity for development to staff who want to improve themselves and expand their career opportunities.
- We expect our people to carry a full load, be full of initiative and drive, and be eager to stay and grow with the company.
- We want our people to get the recognition each of them deserves and to be proud of their accomplishments.


To provide an environment that encourages and rewards merit and team effort.

- We are committed to consultative and participative management rather than management by directive.
- We encourage proper delegation of authority and decision-making at the lowest possible levels.
- We insist on collective effort and team work.
- We believe that a rich network of informal, open communication can lead to greater trust, more actions, more learning and innovation.
- We support the concept of superior compensation for superior performance.


To cultivate a set of shared beliefs on which all our policies and actions are based.

- We believe that perfection is the goal for every effort and that the determination to improve and innovate is a constant stimulus and challenge.
- We believe in integrity, objectivity and fair play in business and staff relationships.
- We believe in mutual trust and respect.
- We believe work can be enjoyable.
- We believe in the perpetuity of our organisation.